Frequently Asked Questions

  • Who would use a hospital app?
  • - Patients who would like to know everything about a hospital and would like to make their visit as easy and smooth as possible. The app is available to anyone with an apple or android smartphone or tablet.

  • Is this a templated app?
  • - No, it is not a templated app. What we mean by that is each hospital is given a fully customizable app based on their needs and desires. Therefore no two apps will be the same.

  • How does the development process work?
  • - When a hospital agrees to make an app, they will inform our computer software team of all the features, styles, and concepts they want to be implemented in their app. Our software team will develop an app to meet the specific needs of the client. We will send prototypes of the app every two weeks to the client during the development process so that the client can have as much influence over the app to make it fit their exact demands and to tell us of any changes they may want. The development process includes research, new development, prototyping, modification, reuse, and maintenance.

  • Is the app up-datable?
  • - Updates are available for yourhospitalapp users. After the app's initial release, we allow the client to contact us with any additional updates or changes they wish to implement at any time and we will make those changes our top priority.

  • Are there push notifications?
  • - We do have the ability to implement push notifications for both android and iOS devices. Push notifications allows an app to notify you of news, events, reminders, or other important information in the background of your device without having to actually open the app. The benefits of push notifications is that the user will always be up to date on current events and important information without having to open the app.

  • How can I find out more information?
  • - If you wish to find out more information about anything regarding yourhospitalapp, contact Eric Halverson at eric@myocv.com